BC Food Veggie Boxes

BC Food Box

After months of hard work as an apprentice grower at Guilden Gate, Libby Barrett has unleashed some trial veggie boxes into the village!

These trial veggie boxes are literally a taster of what we hope will become a key part of Bassingbourn life – a local veggie box scheme bursting with fresh organic food grown by a BCFood social enterprise.

If you would like to buy a trial veggie box please contact bcfood.zcc@gmail.com.

As the scheme evolves, we want to establish a ‘not for profit’ BCFood social enterprise that will be run collectively by local growers, supporters and purchasers.

Those who subscribe to the veggie box scheme will effectively be providing a wage for the lead BCFood grower (we hope it will be Libby!).

And by shortening the food supply chain, the scheme will keep the money & benefits within the local community — for every £1 spent by customers on veggie boxes, £3.70 is generated in local environmental, social and economic value.

Please become a member today:

A supporting member – sign up to generally support the project!
A growing member – for those who already grow or who want to grow, plant swap, seed save, or land share.
A buying member – sign up to buy fresh local food on whatever basis makes sense for you.

And if you are keen to get involved in other ways, BCFood needs admin and ‘trustee’ help. In order to set up a not-for-profit social enterprise we need a ‘steering group’…