Thermal imaging camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Cambridge Carbon Footprint has launched a scheme where individuals can borrow a thermal imaging camera to identify problems with insulation, draughts and damp in


Saving Bassingbourn Swifts

The swift population has declined by a staggering 58% since 1995. This project aims to support the falling swift population by providing artificial nest sites.


The Repair Cafe

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who ‘need stuff fixed‘ with people who ‘like fixing things‘. Repair Cafes are completely non-commercial. There are

BC Food Box

BC Food Veggie Boxes

After months of hard work as an apprentice grower at Guilden Gate, Libby Barrett has unleashed some trial veggie boxes into the village! These trial


Elbourn Way Trees

On 26 February 2022, 48 native trees were planted at the Elbourn Way Recreation Ground to absorb carbon, improve biodiversity, and for everyone to enjoy.