Housing & water

Housing is a massive investment of materials, labour, and land…
A 2019 report from the Committee on Climate Change suggested that the current housing stock accounts for 15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through their use of oil and gas for heating and hot water. To reduce housing’s contribution to GHG, existing homes will require energy efficiency retrofits and new homes will have to be built to higher performance standards than current Building Regulations. The average daily water consumption of around 140 litres per person across the UK will need to fall to well below 100 litres by 2050 to address the risks of future lower water availability.



Develop actions to help young people who live in the village and would like to buy or rent in order to remain here and work locally


Ensure all new houses incorporate improved standards of accessibility, ergonomics, sound, energy and water efficiency, whilst retaining the aesthetics of a village.


Ensure new and existing housing is integrated with other national / local policies to build a sustainable, self-reliant community that provides work, leisure, education and health care.