Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging camera

The Cambridge Carbon Footprint has launched a scheme where individuals can borrow a thermal imaging camera to identify problems with insulation, draughts and damp in their homes. Some changes are easy for people to fix themselves, such as draught-proofing and thermal curtains, while others may need professional help like special insulation.

As a result, significant improvements in comfort can be achieved, together with a reduction in energy bills and carbon emissions.

In 2022, the CCF was able to acquire several more cameras and has loaned them to various groups around the county, to reduce the distance people need to travel to collect them. And the good news for parishioners is the Zero Carbon Collective is hosting one of the cameras, so collection and return is even easier! Group members have also attended training, so can help with camera use.

Cameras can be booked online once you’ve attended a short training session (so you know how to use the camera and interpret its results). Details can be found at or, of course, you can…