BCFood – Veggie Boxes and Salad Club

The big news is that Libby’s veggie box scheme will be running again this year. It will start in June/July (as soon as we have enough produce). Libby is growing many of the same types of vegetables as last year but is also trying some new ones like turnips and borlotti beans, as well as experimenting with different varieties. If you would like to be a buying member again this year then please let us know – contact bcfood.zcc@gmail.com! The scheme will operate with the same flexibility as it did last year – if you are away or don’t want/need one for a particular period, that’s no problem.

In addition to the veggie box scheme, this year Libby will also be launching ‘Salad Club’. Born out of a desire to reduce the need for plastic packaging for salads, the principal is that salad club members, whenever they so choose, can come to Guilden Gate equipped with their own bowl/container to harvest delicious, organic salad straight out of the ground. The cost of a membership is £65, for which you get around four months’ worth of salad (June-September). A wide variety of different salad types will be grown throughout the season as well as some herbs (like parsley) and edible flowers (like nasturtiums). We have only ten salad club memberships up for grabs so don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like one – contact bcfood.zcc@gmail.com!

Libby will also be running some volunteer days for anyone who fancies helping out with the growing. The next of these will be Sunday 18th June at Guilden Gate, 86 North End. It starts at 10.30am, followed by a bring and share (first salad harvest) lunch session at 12.30pm in the new ‘undercover space’, and an afternoon session from 4 – 4.30pm. People can come along for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions. Please email us on bcfood.zcc@gmail.com if you are planning to join us.

If you are keen to get involved in other ways, BCFood needs admin and ‘trustee’ help because, in order to set up a fully fledged not-for-profit social enterprise, we need a ‘steering group’ to take us to that point. If you can help, please email on bcfood.zcc@gmail.com.